• Waiting with Simone Weil

    Waiting with Simone Weil

    Waiting is a theme throughout the prophets and the psalms. Waiting upon God seems to be the general posture of the prophets. It is the posture of those who experience the absence of God. Those who long for justice. Like Habbakuk. These are the words of the prophet Habbakuk: O Lord, how long shall…

  • Attending to Holy Longing

    Attending to Holy Longing

    Underneath our desires, exist deeper desires. As we slowly, with curiosity and self-compassion, sit with our desires, we may get glimpses or senses of those deeper desires. As we continue, deeper and deeper, we find basic desires…core desires that might be better described as “longing.” Find a comfortable place free of distraction. Give your…

  • A Spirituality of Radical Compassion

    A Spirituality of Radical Compassion

    My earliest (as far as I can recollect) mystical experience came to me at Camp Joy Bible Camp in rural Minnesota. It was the custom their to have a campfire the final evening. It was a sacred fire of the fundamentalist sort; between songs, campers were encouraged to share “testimonies.” The testifier would walk…